Historic Takaoka, and the Foundry District of Kanayamachi
Maeda Toshinaga, the 16th century second-generation head of the Kaga clan, lived out his life in Takaoka, a city that historically has carried on the Kaga culture. Located in the heart of Takaoka, Kanayamachi is the birthplace of traditional foundry crafts such as copperware, and grew into a center for manufacturing.
Two Historic Festivals
Held on May 1, the Mikurumayama Festival features a parade of resplendent floats as they are wheeled through Takaoka. The event is a feast for the eyes, as all seven magnificent floats, representing the flourishing prosperity of the townspeople, come together on this one day. On June 20, the Goinsai Festival, a tribute to the virtue of Lord Maeda Toshinaga, is held in Kanayamachi, and is preceded the night before by public performances of Yagaefu, a traditional dance representing the town's foundry workers.
Kokozan Zuiryūji, a National Treasure
Established as the family temple of Maeda Toshinaga, the second-generation head of the Kaga Maeda clan, Kokozan Zuiryūji overwhelms visitors with the beautiful layout of its buildings. In 1997, the Sanmon (Main Gate), Butsuden (Buddha Hall) and Hōdō (Lecture Hall) structures on the grounds of Zuiryūji were designated as national treasures. To the residents of Takaoka, Zuiryūji is known familiarly as "Zuiryussan."
Attractive Shops
Enjoying local ingredients is one of the pleasures of travel. The neighborhood around Kane no Sanzun has many delightful places to have a unique meal or just relax. Be sure to enjoy the delicious food and drink they offer.
Saryō Nikoka
A restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine, Nikoka is located in a 140-year-old traditional home. It is known for its dishes featuring ingredients and tableware from Takaoka and Toyama. A unique way to enjoy your time in Takaoka.
Address:2-26 Kanayahonmachi
Latticework BREWING Tap House
This small brewery opened in 2019 in a traditional machiya (townhouse), and always has at least five original craft beers on hand. It also offers a variety of dishes that go well with beer.
Address:3-15 Kanayamachi
A restaurant started by a family of foundry workers, Yudura offers lunch primarily featuring home-style comfort foods including curry, rice omelets and set meals, while at night it operates as an izakaya (Japanese-style pub). For lunch, the beef tendon curry comes highly recommended.
Address:8-11 Kanayamachi
This Japanese restaurant is big enough to accommodate busloads of tourists. At night it becomes an izakaya offering a tasty array of sake.
Address:5-4 Kanayamachi
Sushi Kin
If you crave nigiri sushi prepared in front of you at a counter, this is the place, and the chef's lively chatter will keep you entertained. Popular with local residents, too.
Address:50-13 Suehiromachi
The cheerful couple that runs this izakaya create a welcoming atmosphere for their guests. The cozy space is relaxing, and they offer a wide variety of sake brands. Try some in a unique KISEN cup.
Address:41-43 Suehiromachi
This venerable Western-style restaurant first opened its doors in 1948 and underwent remodeling in 2015. Try their signature A5-rank Kuroge Wagyū steak, which you can enjoy in the restaurant's refined surroundings.
Address:daijutei building 2F, 41-43 Suehiromachi
A café in a traditional machiya townhouse located in Yamachō-suji, a neighborhood known for its old stone storehouses. The café is popular for its fresh-ground single origin coffees and its cream puffs--which are filled to order.
Address:48-1 Konmadashimachi
PM BER 7:30
A hidden gem of a cocktail bar, this venerable watering hole has been in business in Takaoka's entertainment district for more than 30 years. With relaxed jazz playing in the background, it offers a quiet ambience for adults to enjoy.
Address:ajirakutei building B1F, 2-36-19 Suehiromachi
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